Six Key Steps in Designing a Successful Dental Clinic – LAYOUT

Six key steps in designing a successful dental clinic

Step 2 - LAYOUT

If you have been following our article series, you will know that it is highly impractical to treat dental patients without dental plant room equipment. Hence, we use P.L.A.N.T and +S SERVICE to summarise key principles to consider when selecting, installing, and maintaining equipment to strive towards 100% reliability.


The six key steps to consider are P.L.A.N.T and +S SERVICE (AFTER CARE).

  2. L – LAYOUT
  3. A – AIRFLOW
  4. N – NOISE



Did you know…

…that the layout of your dental plant area and pipelines may affect the performance of your dental surgery?

For example, when designing a new dental practice, having the plant room close to surgeries prevents under-performance caused by excessive pipeline lengths. This could be due to various factors, such as the distance between the suction unit and the surgeries altering the gradient of the suction pipelines, therefore affecting the flow of fluids.

Another consideration that must be taken for plant room equipment is protected from the weather. There are certain measures to safeguard the longevity of the dental compressor and SMART suction system. Thorough planning in this manner will ensure the most efficient and balanced performance.

But of course, among the long list of considerations covered in our comprehensive training taken by our industry-qualified Cattani distributor network, there is also another vital area of focus — space.


Cattani solutions: Space savers

Space is valuable and, in many practices, strictly limited. Restricted plant room space can cause issues with noise upsetting staff, patients and even neighbours. Cattani understands this and provides compact solutions in a variety of configurations and sound-reducing options that can even do away with the need for a plant room entirely. Here is an example of a solution for up to eight chairs.

Vento solutions: the ultimate space saver

Designed and developed by Cattani Australasia, the Vento approach is to stack the suction unit and the compressor on a specially designed frame, which halves the floor space. This is the perfect plant configuration for practices where space is tight, and a dedicated plant room is a luxury.

Tandem SMART Vento

AC600 and Tandem Turbo SMART B with Hydrocyclone

Floor space = 1,280 (w) x 950 (h) x 600 (d)

With Amalgam Retention / Separator







With Cattani’s innovation, one of the advantages of this system is that the Amalgam Separator is installed within the same footprint of the unit. There is no need for extra space, no noise, and no extra power consumption.

Following the Cattani Italy example, Cattani Asia has helped local dentists achieve success in more than 17 countries across Asia. Our premium Cattani dealer network can assist you in your Cattani plant room design, setup and ongoing preventative maintenance by utilising the Cattani P.L.A.N.T Principles™ and Cattani  +S Service (After Care™).

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