In depth with Cattani asia

In depth with Cattani Asia

A great way to start the financial year. Cattani Asia is featured in the July / August 2018 of Dental Asia magazine, Asia’s premier journal for dental practice and technology.

Asia is taking notice of Cattani's suction and compressors range. Our entry into the market along with a strong network of distributors behind us makes it easier than ever to acquire out celebrated products.

Cattani Asia has established partnerships with leading distributors in 11 countries namely Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Taiwan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Hong Kong. 

The appointment of Mr Muhammad Nejim as Regional Director is essential in achieving Cattani Asia's goals. Mr Nejim has over 20 years of medial and dental business experience. 

"We aim to provide not just outstanding products but outstanding and comprehensive services as well. Training is an essential part of that service and we have already conducted the first product and service training course for Asian distributors" say Mr. Nejim

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