Cattani Among Friends in Bengaluru

Cattani among friends in Bengaluru

The dentists of Bengaluru gave Cattani India a warm welcome at the recent Expodent in their fine city.

Cattani India was a guest of our reputed distributor, Confident Dental, at the show in September, and we are most grateful for the space they allowed us on their booth.

Expodent Bangalore was an opportunity for us to show and demonstrate our state-of-the-art SMART suction systems, including the Turbo SMART B and the ultra-quiet Micro SMART Cube – examples of how much dental suction has evolved, from the old Venturi days to new generation technology of energy efficient, variable speed inverter controlled Cattani products.

Cattani has been a respected and popular equipment brand in India for many years, setting the benchmark for quality and durability. Our representatives at the Bengaluru show, Regional Director Muhammad Nejim and Business Manager Jasbir Singh, were honoured by the generous comments of many dentists who are long-time users of Cattani products, some with equipment that is still going strong after 15-25 years!